Macadamia from our orchards to the world

Vestrong are growers and suppliers of wholesale and retail natural Macadamia products

We bring the highest quality locally-grown, natural Macadamia nut products from our orchards to the world.

When considering purchasing wholesale macadamia nuts, our farm stands out as an exceptional choice. We take great pride in our macadamia nut cultivation and have established ourselves as a reputable and reliable supplier. By buying directly from our farm, you can be assured of the highest quality macadamia nuts, as we have full control over the entire production process, from seed selection to harvesting and processing. 


One key advantage of sourcing macadamia nuts from our farm is our commitment to sustainable farming practices. We prioritize environmentally friendly methods that promote biodiversity, conserve water resources, and minimize the use of pesticides. Our farm employs responsible land management techniques, ensuring the long-term health and vitality of our macadamia trees and the surrounding ecosystem. By choosing our farm, you can confidently offer your customers macadamia nuts that are not only delicious but also grown with a focus on environmental stewardship. 


Our farm's location plays a crucial role in the exceptional quality of our macadamia nuts. Situated in Chipinge, Zimbabwe, a region known for its ideal climate and fertile soil, our trees thrive and produce nuts with exceptional flavor and texture. We carefully monitor the growing conditions to ensure optimal maturity and harvest the macadamia nuts at the peak of their flavor and nutritional value. By purchasing wholesale macadamia nuts directly from our farm, you can offer your customers a truly premium product that showcases the unique characteristics of our specific growing region.